10 Books That You Can Read With Your Significant Other

10 Books That You Can Read With Your Significant Other

If you're an avid reader, your book list is either set to private on goodreads, or perhaps you are in a book club filled with plenty of vino and reliable girlfriends. Maybe you've even read a self-help book in an attempt to save your relationship at one point... but realized that being the ONLY one reading it, didn't make sense, with you always acting as the messenger. If you know your special someone likes to read sometimes too, why wait until things get rocky to initiate reading a book with your boo?

From the sensual, to the save-our-relationship-self-help aisle, here are ten books you can read with your partner.

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Whether you feel profoundly understood by your partner, or you think their behavior could use an overhaul, this book will encourage you and your partner to take a look into how you give and receive love. Hint: you normally give love in the way you receive it, but if you're speaking a different love language than your partner is, you may have to learn theirs, and vice versa. Your primary love language will be: quality time, acts of service, physical touch, gifts, or words of affirmation, and oftentimes, there's one in close second, serving as your secondary love language. Knowing what is most likely to inspire you or your partner to feel the love can make all of the difference.

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