6 Ways Backstreet Boys Can Make Their Vegas Stay Even Better

6 Ways Backstreet Boys Can Make Their Vegas Stay Even Better

Every space of my room growing up was flooded with Backstreet Boys memorabilia, even the ceiling, and my family was tasked with learning not only the songs, but each of the guys’ names. I let them slide when it came to birthdays and favorite colors. So it’s safe to say that I was and am still a little obsessed with this boy band all these years later. So when it was announced that a Backstreet Boys Vegas residency was going to actually happen...this was my reaction inside and out:

A couple weeks after opening night, there I was with my girls in Vegas. We were to the side of the pit area. Close enough to reach out our hands and touch theirs when given the chance and by the end, well, I was happy BUT I was left a little underwhelmed. For months I had heard this was going to be like a Backstreet Boys show but on steroids, but in reality it was like it just hit the gym a couple of times.

That’s not to say it wasn’t good. Hell, they danced for like two hours straight (even busted out the “As Long As You Love Me” chairs), made adult women cry and put on a fun show but it wasn’t the Vegas level residency I had gone in expecting. A good show right now, but here are a couple of ways they can make it even better!

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I don’t care what year it is. I don’t care that Carson Daly has since moved on to host a million other things all at once. I would have loved to see some homage to that era when MTV was all about BSB on Total Request Live. This is a nostalgic show, there is no new music. We want to be transported back in time from the second those lights dim. Yes, they have this historical montage, but if they could have Carson Daly intro that shit, OMG, it’d be epic.

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