If You Have Any Of These 15 Board Games, You're About To Make BANK!

If You Have Any Of These 15 Board Games, You're About To Make BANK!
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Who's up for a hearty dose of nostalgia?:

Though the board game craze has simmered down a bit since the days of "Family Game Night," classics like "Monopoly" and "Sorry!" are still staples in many households. If yours is among them, here's some news you'll be happy to hear: Just like some Beanie Babies, Barbies, and VHS tapes, certain board games can be resold online for decent money.

If you've got any of these 15 games on your shelves, don't unload them for cheap at a rummage sale — head over to eBay and get selling!

Candy Land: $69.99

When it comes to classic games like Candy Land, the older the copy, the more $$$$$ in your pocket.

Stone Age: $359.86

This one's insanely popular on eBay; people are paying anywhere from $63 to $360 for a copy, depending on the condition.

Clue: $119.99

They don't make 'em like this anymore! An unopened 1963 edition went for about $120 this September.

Mouse Trap: $40.99

Complete sets of "Mouse Trap" (and other games with a lot of little parts) are worth more than those missing pieces.

Scene It? DVD Game - Disney 2nd Edition: $918

This one's an anomaly — it's not a vintage game, nor is it rare or in mint condition. But that didn't stop someone from buying it for $918 this November!

Settlers of Catan 10th Anniversary 3-D Special Edition Treasure Chest Set: $750

Limited edition game + never been used = money in the bank.

Dark Tower: $549.95

Even with a damaged box, this 1981 game sold for about $550 in September.

The Game of Life: $37.25

The Game of Life: $37.25

Right now, a new edition of "The Game Of Life" costs about $28 at Walmart. But if you've got a vintage copy, you could sell it for almost twice that!

Fireball Island: $422

A copy from the '80s ended up being sold for over $420 after a seven-day bidding war that started at 99 cents!

Sorry!: $22.35

Sorry!: $22.35

This one's not the highest earner on the list, but if you've got a vintage copy from the 1980s or earlier, you have a better chance of making a decent chunk of cash.

HeroQuest: $300

Throwwwback! One sold for $300 in November.

Monopoly: Varies

Prices for this one vary widely, but if you've got old or rare copies — Donald Trump edition, anyone? — you'll probably have better luck selling it. For instance, a sealed, deluxe, 1935 first edition version went for about $120 this fall.

RISK 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition: $375

Pro tip: it's worth buying limited edition games like this one when they first come out because they'll be worth a pretty penny a decade or two later.

Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit: $441

You can always count on Star Wars memorabilia to do well! A brand new, unopened copy of this game sold for $441 in October.

Tornado Rex: $293

Remember this one, '90s kids? A used copy with a crack in the upper board sold for almost 3 Benjamins.

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