This Woman Transformed Her Body Into Hogwarts Using Makeup & It's Stunning

This Woman Transformed Her Body Into Hogwarts Using Makeup & It's Stunning
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Let's be real: Most people are lucky if they can get both sides of their eyeliner even. It takes some true talent to pull off those elaborate lip paintings and intricate eyeliner designs that have been taking over Instagram lately. As for Australian makeup artist Georgina Ryland, she has to be using some sort of witchcraft to pull off the body painting she recently created, because it's like nothing we've ever seen before.

Before we show you Ryland's piece, we should tell you that she's no rookie when it comes to complex ~lewks.~ 

Here's some of her lip art: 

And here's her take on Van Gogh's The Starry Night:

The girl has got TALENT. 

We should also mention that she's a huge Potterhead — check out this Dark Mark design she did on her eyelid:

Ryland recently meshed her passions for Harry Potter and makeup for an insanely detailed makeup mural of Hogwarts, and it's simply spectacular:


"This paint took five hours total but I could probably have happily painted it for ten," Ryland wrote on Instagram. "challenging but fun." 

This piece is even more impressive once you consider the fact that Ryland had to paint it backwards in a mirror.

Super casual. 

After photos of Ryland's Hogwarts body painting went viral, she decided to paint an equally elaborate scene from Star Wars next. It turned out equally beautiful:

We'd highly recommend taking a peek at Ryland's Instagram account, where she's showcased other makeup murals including...

This jellyfish-y design that we were sooo not ready for.

This Art Deco design that looks straight out of Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby."

This hauntingly beautiful painting of a shipwreck.

This neon design inspired by virtual reality.

That's *not* a shirt, people — it's a painting!

This fierce tiger painting.

And this pastel painting that's SUCH a gem.

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